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Please read the program details carefully there are here to help you be successfully. This course can be taken on any device iPhone, Android, Laptop & Desktop computers. If you want to take it on your phone or any Apple device, chances are you will need flash. If so just download Puffin web browser.  This can be downloaded through your app store free of charge.

Puffin delivers Flash to your iPad, iPhone, or Android so you can watch videos, and browse any Flash content on your devices. Moreover, since iPad and iPhone have different input interface, Puffin Web Browser adds special interfaces to let you use Flash contents easily.

Puffin Web Browser Load this App to your device and access the Driver Improvement Program on any device.

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If the county in which you received your citation is not listed above and you want to attend the Driver Improvement Program, you must first plead not guilty to the Fine Collection Center. FCC will then send your citation to the prosecuting attorney in the county where the citation was issued. After the prosecutor files the citation with the court, the court will notify you of a court date. If you plead guilty at the court, the court has the authority to allow you to attend DIP to avoid point assessment.

Remember, you have 60 days after the conviction date to complete the course. No person may attend the Driver Improvement Program to avoid point assessment more than one time in any 36 month period. Once you have completed the course, and all required forms we will automatically send you an email with Form 4444 attached. Course completion documents should be sent directly to the Missouri Department of Revenue at the following address: Missouri Department of Revenue Driver License Bureau P.O. Box 200 Jefferson City, MO 65105-0200 Documents must be sent within 15 days of course completion. This program allows for the points to be removed from your license.   If you have questions, you can reach the DOR help desk at (573) 751-4475.